About The Project

This project is an exploration of the geopolitical practices of Israel as a colonial entity, and how it uses various architectural elements, such as settlements, the Separation Wall, checkpoints and restricted roads, to impose an occupation on the Palestinian local population, illegal under international law. These enforced policies of segregation and ethnic cleansing are part of the daily practices of the occupation in the West Bank and Gaza.

As a way to envision a scenario where New Yorkers were living under a military occupation, and such segregation laws applied to The United States’ current policies, I made a comparative study with Manhattan where I geographically mapped these architectural elements on to the island. I used the city of Jerusalem in the West Bank as a case study, because it is affected by all these elements, and is divided east from west by the Separation Wall. Manhattan is roughly half the size of Jerusalem, so by geographically comparing the areas of the two cities, I was able to proportionally map the number of settlements found in and around Jerusalem to Manhattan, to create a fictional scenario based on actual geographical data.